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Art Immersion Factory Ltd

Taidesukellustehdas Oy, (Art Immersion Factory Ltd, Konstdyknings Fabrik Ab) was founded in 2018. The Art Immersion Factory continues implementing the Art Immersion® concept developed by Creatimagia (2011).


The main services provided by the Art Immersion Factory are Art Immersion® workshops, developing innovative art methods as well as implementing the Art Immersion® method in different fields as a new, creative operating model.


The Art Immersion Factory organises art workshops to all: businesses, communities and private persons and operates in several innovative co-operative projects.


The greater vision for the business activity is to create an incubator of artistic expression, enabling the arranging of several workshops simultaneously as well as employing several instructors through the use of licences.

The Art Immersion Factory in a nutshell

Taidesukellustehdas pähkinänkuoressa

  • Taidesukellus-workshopien tuottaminen

  • Taidesukellus-Creops -luovan opetusmenetelmän sisällön lisenssointi ja kaupallistaminen

  • Innovaatiomaalauspohjan tuotekehittäminen ja kaupallistaminen

  • Uusien luovien tuotteiden ja työkalujen kehitys ja kaupallistaminen

Activity cornerstones

  • Producing Art Immersion workshops

  • Licences and commercialisation of the contents of the creative teaching method Art Immersion-Creops

  • Product development and and commercialisation of the innovative painting canvas

  • Development and commercialisation of new creative products and tools

A patented innovation

The innovative painting canvas used in Art Immersion, which allows for its use in different environments according to client needs, was patented in 2018.
An EU patent is pending.

Instructor training

Are you interested in getting your own Art Immersion® Instructor training and License (Business and Public Sector)?

Digitaalinen kollaasi

In collaboration with our partners a new community- based platform is developed, through which the pieces made by Art Immersion participants may be filed as one massive digital work of art. This giant piece may be utilized in different digital environments.


Taidesukelluksessa käytettävän patentoidun maalauspohjan Moodboard-sovellus on kehitetty helpottamaan ideointia sekä luovaa ja strategista työskentelyä. Sen auttaa monitasoisten visioiden ja visuaalisten kokonaisuuksien yhdistämistä ja esittämistä. Moodboard muokkautuu suunnittelu-, luonnos-, ja esitysalustaksi lukuisille eri aloilla. Moodboardista on saatavilla lukuisia eri materiaalivaihtoja juuri kuhunkin käyttötarpeeseen.

IDea Canvas

A IDea Canvas application, based on the patented painting canvas used in Art Immersion, has been developed to facilitate the production of ideas as well as creative and strategic work. The application enables the combining and presentation of multilayered visions. The Dea Canvas can be utilized as a platform for design, sketching and presentation in various fields. The Dea Canvas is available in various material options according to user needs.

A strategic tool

Art Immersion is an effective method in developing business activity or in connection with  transformation processes. It provides an efficient and concrete tool for creating a shared vision, defining one’s personal role or creating commitment to strategies.

Development projects

Art Immersion Factory Ltd is participating in several innovative development projects.

International openings

The Art Immersion concept, painting canvas innovation and digital collage create pathways towards internationalisation.

Taidesukellustehdas Oy

”The ability and the
story are within you.
Let’s bring them to the surface!"

Registered trademarks


is an individual’s personal creative space, where one dives into oneself, applying inverse Fine Arts techniques, rendering the invisible into something visible. 


is the contents of the complete teaching plan of Art Immersion. These include innovative techniques and phenomena which create new visions.


is a trademark for upcoming commercial products.

Rekisteröidyt tavaramerkit

Information security declaration


The European Information Security Act GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is in effect since 25.5.2018. The new Act aims at providing individuals with a higher level of information security and clarity as to how personal data is stored and used.


In the updated information security declaration we state what personal information we collect, how this information is used and how it is protected. If you wish to acquaint yourself better with the information security declarations of Creatimagia and the Art Immersion Factory, you’ll find them behind these links.


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Paula RUsokallio oma kuva pinkki.png

The developer of the Art Immersion method, artist Paula Julia Rusokallio specialises in breaking apart the myth of art. During her career she has created various innovative tools for easy access art activities. Rusokallio’s work ingeniously combines empowering individual expression with a sense of community.

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