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Art Immersion is the key to meeting one’s own self and to finding one’s creativity and inner capacities. The work process consists of the creative use of one’s hands, using basic Fine Arts techniques as well as innovative methods. Art Immersion gently brings apart the mythical aspect of art, allowing for easy and fun crafting and insights.

What is Art Immersion
all about?

Art Immersion is the key to meeting one’s own self and to finding one’s creativity and inner capacities, whether on an individual or a community level.


The best part is that it works equally well for children and adults,
manual workers and professors.

What can Art Immersion be used for?


Art Immersion works as a a tool for

- team building and wellness days

- developing innovative thinking

- development and strategy work

- Service Design

- as a supportive element for training, pedagogy and education

- for complimenting mental health work and therapy

aloitus creatimagia

For whom is Art Immersion suitable?

When you’re seeking fresh insights


”Completely different, boundary- breaking, a totally new experience!”– Sari, Nooa Säästöpankki bank

"Incredible sensation, after which the mind is tuned onto a completely new level!” – Ville, St1 

When you’re looking for recreation or respite


”Paula, thank you for this journey in the middle of all the hurry. Made me stop.” – Katja
"Relaxing and liberating. I wasn’t expecting such a powerful experience." – Aurora

Those organising employee wellness days


"A fun, surprising and multi- faceted experience." – Sonja, Sampo Bank investment administration

                               "Thank you for an eye- opening adventure!" – Harri, Banijay Finland



”This was very steadily in my non-comfort zone but surprisingly easy-going. Thank you!” – Juha
"For someone with serious painting fobia this was a greatly eye-opening experience."
– Riitta, Vantaa principals


Persons of all ages


”It has been really nice here.” – Felix, 7 years

”Very nice and exciting, when at first one feared that one has no skills. The end result was surprising.”
– Ilona, 94 years


As part of a transformation process or therapy


“Therapeutic, calming” – Natalia, children’s home
”A purifying experience.” – Seppo


When in need of a moment to calm down


"Thank you, this was the nicest day in a long time. I inadvertedly dove into this gentle atmosphere. This will live in me for a long time." – Päivikki, YLE

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